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In my short life of 37+ years I have embraced the extremes with a passion to come back to a system that allows for being content in all situations and circumstances. In this troubling world we need a way to stay calm in the storm and through the global drama of the last few years I have found that my varied life experience has prepared me for the future. I wish to allow this within others in a spirit of trust - to pull down the parts of the self that block flow and allow renewal and change. 


"I became a Trans-national identity"

In my passion and drive to experience things directly and not through a filter I have experienced many different belief system and political philosophies first hand. A short but incomplete list of this might include: Christianity, Buddhism, Newage-ism, Seventh-Day Adventism, Satanism, Ritual Magic, Psychadelics, a cult in South Africa that spoke to aliens, Anarchism, Nomadism, Activism, Sufism, Theosophy, community living in many and varied forms all around Australia and all around the world spanning from Turkey to Ireland. 

In my travels, as was my habit to do, I took a keen eye to observe people in many different contexts. With street music as my primary sustenance for over 7 years I lived with a diverse amount of people and families and directly experienced different lifestyles and community structures - not just visited them. I became a trans-national identity. 

Why is all this important? It's important because through this journey of the self I have come to trust my innate connection with Source and intuitively follow the path that leads to unconditional service of others. Finding this flow has been a battle of me thrashing around - refusing to conform - and yet after coming around to the same point again and again, eventuating on the reality of all life as one and equal and my place within it. With the right incentive, we can do anything!

In addition, I have always learned differently and presently play multiple instruments which I have taught myself. I also took the pains to self-teach ambidexterity. Teaching myself these things proved to me that with discipline, repetition and the right incentive I can condition the body and mind to do and be anything. Within this, it took me years to realise that I do not learn 'normal' and I need to treat myself in a state of isolation from what is considered normal to be productive in my learning. I now know this is also true for many other people and when we feel alone within the self and find no reference point on the outside to see us - we can start to lose hope. That's also where I can help - I see you and parts of you that others don't see because of my experience - I want to encourage the parts that you harbour the most potential and incorporate this into a lifestyle that allows you to live the one true self effortlessly. 

In personal consultations with you, I can work as an outsider or an insider - I have become proficient at reading people and feeling their energetic patterns within myself, then having the ability to analyse them - standing as those patterns within myself. I feel what people feel and 'learn' people by simply being with them and naturally absorbing their energetic patterns, habits and thinking. We all do this to some capacity. This is a 'skill' that has caused me a great deal of grief until I put proper boundaries on it and I learned to limit what I allow myself to become around other people. Now I recognize this mimic ability as a tool that can assist others in seeing themselves - allowing me to see through them and see where a blockage might be. We cannot always see what we are in, but having someone see it for us from the outside in an environment of trust can be an integral key to help us find our way home. 

Pain is the greatest teacher and maybe I can allay some of the pain for you by applying my capacities and my experience to your life. I allow myself to unconditionally support you in the spirit of teaching you to teach yourself. The foundation is and always must be: self-responsibility. I do not claim to be able to assist everyone, or be Jesus, I just know that there were times in my life when an honest reference point was invaluable for my self-development - I strive to be the same for you.

Join me for a free 'Discovery Call' to see where this opportunity can take you!

Here is a part of my life story to give you some perspective on how my journey led me to offering these services:

Some shots from around the world in my travels:

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