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In my short life of 37+ years I have embraced the extremes with a passion to return to a system of living that allows for being content in all situations and circumstances no matter what they be. I decided to take control of my awareness and find pockets of attention locked away in habits - reclaiming the parts of myself and lining them up like a magnet.

In this most interesting world we need a way to stay calm in the storm - we need to reserve the right for ourselves to do so. We need to give ourselves this permission. In the global drama of the last bunch of years I've found that my chaotic and varied life experience has prepared me for the future. I see how my way of utilizing focus is needed - and I see a way for others to find their way there. I wish to allow this within others in a spirit of trust to pull down the parts of the self that block our flow and instead allow renewal, change and healing - Reclaiming our awareness. 


In my passion and drive to experience life directly  I have gone through a range of belief systems and political philosophies first-hand. A short but incomplete list might include: Christianity, Buddhism, Newage-ism, Seventh-Day Adventism, Satanism, Ritual Magic, Veganism, the life of a Troubadour, Psychadelics, a cult in South Africa that spoke to aliens, Anarchism, Nomadism, Activism, Sufism, Rainbow Gatherings, Theosophy and community living in many and varied forms all around Australia and all around the world in the span from Turkey to Ireland. 

In my international travels, as was my habit to do, I enjoyed observing people in many different contexts. Street music became my primary form of sustenance for over 7 years. I lived with a diverse amount of people and families that invited me into their homes and directly experienced different lifestyles and community structures - not just visited them. I became a trans-national identity. 

Why is all this important? It's important because through this journey of the self I have discovered the true nature of the self and have come upon a path that allows healing and alignment. It is nothing new - but I went to the pains to figure it out first-hand. I have come to trust my innate connection with Source and intuitively follow the path that leads to unconditional service of others. Finding this flow has been a long battle of me thrashing around - refusing to conform - and after coming around to the same point again and again, eventuating on the reality of all life as one and equal and finding my place within it. I have come to understand that I am an important part of this reality and not just because I am self-entitled, but because I know enough about myself to put my energy where it really matters - this then feeds back as a closed loop to myself which allows me to serve even better. A path to greater and greater awareness. I learned that with the right incentive, I can do anything! And you can too!

Within the process of self-healing and self-discovery I took the pains to really sit with myself and learn how I learn. Fitting myself into this rote world system and expecting results was a surefire way to end up miserable, hopeless and stupid. I used to think I was lazy - but I discovered that I had to shift my incentive - then all of a sudden I had access to a huge energy pool within. I needed to invest time in finding the right incentive. For this, I needed to purify my definition of myself, of the world and of Source. I broke down my perception of this reality into small pieces to figure out what wasn't working for me - I then built a timeless structure from the ground up - a formula for longevity and success.

It took some hard yards to the get to the point where I have the confidence to be different as I learn differently. Presently I play multiple instruments which I have taught myself. I learned what learning is for this specific mind and situation - which was a method I had to culture over time and allow a vulnerable part of myself to grow within without outside interference. I needed to embrace the principle of Aloneness. One example is that I took the pains to self-teach ambidexterity - to prove to myself what is possible. With discipline, repetition, taking control of how the physical is conditioned and aligning the right incentive I learned I can be anything!  

I want to encourage the parts in you that harbour the most potential and incorporate this into a lifestyle that allows you to live your one true self effortlessly. If you don't have a clear definition of what that is - then that is our starting point for our sessions. Remove all anger, judgement, expectations, regret, dissolve belief systems - start from scratch - work your way up - Find your way for you and learn to learn so you can never forget how to teach yourself. 

I have become proficient at reading people and feeling their energetic patterns (fancy gobble-de-gook for 'habits of the mind'). I stand as those patterns within myself and analyze them. It's a trick I picked up in my travels and life through observing myself. I learned that not everything that went on inside me was me. I feel what other people feel in themselves and I can 'learn' people simply by being with them. We all do this to some capacity - it is a magic power of being human - we just need to tune into our sensitivity and our bodies to feel the connection. We cannot always see emotion, habits or mind states we are in while we are in them. Having someone see it for us from the outside in an environment of trust can be an integral reference point to assist us in learning the self and finding the way home. 

Pain, I have learned, is the greatest teacher and maybe I can allay some of the pain for you by applying my capacities and my experience to your life. I allow myself to unconditionally support you within the boundaries of a coaching agreement. Embrace the spirit of teaching you to teach yourself and learn you for you. There are experiences we face within, and experiences we choose to project into the physical world - recognizing the difference can allow us to fast track this process. When we face something for ourselves within ourselves, then we have learned it for life.

Work: That is a word I had to do a lot of clearing on. It brought up so much about expectation. I learned how to put realistic expectations on myself. 'Work' and 'hard-work' - it simply means - being productive and getting things done. Let's set up systems, habits and daily rituals that allow for you to maintain the mind you want to be in, in order to live your flow and maintain a level with life. 

The foundation is: self-responsibility. Self-trust and self-honesty is the aim. With a clear foundation and knowledge of the self as an equal entity with all life - we embrace life as one and live effortlessly. We are never not in flow. Flow is all around us and within us. All we have to do is rearrange what we are so it flows in a way that is conducive with a content awareness. Suppression or stunting things by cutting them down is contrary to natural law. Things grow out constantly. Analyze, recognize, identify and redirect energy in order to be who you are and reclaim control of focus.

Focus: that's the power we are born with - using this body, mind/nervous system - so many individuals claim to have focus or have control of it but when things go out of our control we discover parts of the self we were previously unaware of. With each new horizon reached - there is another one to meet. The process of reclaiming focus is both empowering and supremely humbling.

When you find in yourself the way to teach you and the confidence in yourself to do so and have the ability to give yourself permission to be whatever you want to be - then I am not needed. When we live by principle we create a solid foundation for character. This then becomes recognizable like an energy signature within others. We are naturally attracted to people and situations that assist us in getting to the next step of our journey. Change the mind so the world works with you. 

There were times in my life when an honest reference point was invaluable for my self-development in discovering who I am and who I really want to be - I can offer the same for you.

Join me for a free 'Discovery Call' and let's see together where this opportunity can take you!

"I became a Trans-national identity"

Here is a part of my life story to give you some perspective on how my journey led me to offering these services:

Some shots from around the world in my travels:

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